< Panasonic NN-H765BF Genius 1.6 cuft 1250 Watt Sensor Microwave w/Inverter Technology

Panasonic NN-H765BF Genius 1.6 cuft 1250 Watt Sensor Microwave w/Inverter Technology

I've never been so happy with a microwave. I did a lot of research before deciding to buy this Panasonic. Having Amazon gift certificates, free shipping and a $25 kitchen and housewares discount influenced my decision and I have to say it was a great buy. I'm very pleased with the evenness with which it cooks and defrosts. I upgraded from a mid-size 650-watt oven to this full-size 1250-watt oven. It is wide enough to allow the defrosting of a long block of chicken thighs, yet short enough to fit in the limited space, It beeps to let you know when it's time to turn something over you are defrosting, but won't shut off and wait for you to turn it. (Turning is optional.) It's clear from a bar indicator what power level you have set and is operating, which makes it easy to tell from a distance. If you yearn for modest height and generous width, this is your oven.It's quiet. It looks great. That "ENJOY YOUR MEAL" message that moves across the display when the cooking cycle ends is a nice touch.

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Many users said that the increase in power can take some getting used to due to how much faster it cooks food, but there is no actual downside to the higher wattage. Panasonic ups the ante even further by including Inverter Technology in its Genius models, consistently delivering microwave energy throughout the cook time and preventing common issues like burnt edges and overcooking.

Panasonic NN-H765BF Genius 1.6 cuft 1250 Watt Sensor Microwave w/Inverter Technology


Panasonic NN-H765BF Genius comes with a host of features, including preprogrammed power levels under the One-Touch Sensor, there are a lot of pre-programmed features in this unit that make it easier. For example, there is a sensor cook button that selects the time and power level for different kinds of foods depending on how many times you tap the button. Types of food include baked potatoes, frozen pizza, frozen entrees, fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables and omelettes. I made a baked potato last night that was cooked perfectly. There is also a separate popcorn button (you can select from 3 different bag sizes) that also worked perfectly. A More/Less button lets you add or subtract time to the sensor and popcorn settings.

Several owners we surveyed were impressed by how incredibly easy it was to use, as well as its accuracy when adjusting cooking or defrosting times. Other notable extras include a Keep Warm feature that utilizes a pulsing delivery of low microwave power to keep food temperatures at a constant level – without overcooking them – for up to 30 minutes, as well as a multi-lingual menu screen that is available in English, Spanish, and French.


Though it falls a little higher on the price scale at $219, the Panasonic NN-H765BF Genius provides incredibly good value for your money. There is no other microwave at this price point that delivers the same level of performance, capacity or extra features, and its ease of use has made it a popular choice among consumers.