What is the best exercise to lose weight?

What is the best exercise to lose weight

Do exercise before, We have always been plagued by selection:

1, Is it rapid sweating to lose weight ?

2, Does aerobic exercise decrease faster than anaerobic exercise?

3, It takes 40 minutes for every workout to work?

Sweat = burning fat? No, It's just water ...

What is the best exercise to lose weight


In order to sweat a lot, wrap up a few layers of plastic wrap before the exercise, and go to the steam sauna, really can make weight loss effect better?

The main cause of sweat and sweat is not fat breakdown, but a rise in body temperature.

But the brain doesn't let body heat go up, it causes the body to open pores and sweat and excrete heat from the body. Wrap a wrap, wear a lot of clothes to move, can make us more "hot", so the sweat is much more, and the fat that burn fat has no relation at all. Your sweat is just water...

In both ways, fat burns

What is the best exercise to lose weight

Jogging, walking, doing aerobics, and other cardio exercises are really burning lipids.


Is just like a big boiler body, when sufficient oxygen (aerobics), in order to generate heat, whether it's sugar, fat, protein, can be added to burn.

Once inadequate oxygen (anaerobic exercise), is the main combustion "particularly good burning sugar, fat and protein only do scrap, less consumption faster when aerobic exercise.

After 30 minutes of exercise, does it start to burn fat? It's Wrong!

What is the best exercise to lose weight

Sports, glycogen and fat to provide energy to the body, so doing sports in the first seconds, fat has been burned, but the main power is glycogen, fat only assists.

Like to buy a house, started movement (buy) as glycogen provides 50% ~ 60% of the energy (parents will provide a most), fat provides about 40% ~ 50% of the energy (their financial ability is not enough, less money), such as movement began after 10 minutes, fat can provide more than 50% of the energy (gradually have economic ability, can more intersection).

XX sports 21 days to lose 10kg, is it reliable?

NO! Nothing can make you lose so fast

What is the best exercise to lose weight

Losing weight is not as fast as we thought. The average person jogs for 1 hour, consumes 255 kilocalorie quantity of heat, and 1 jin of fat is about 3800 kilocalorie. By jogging for one hour a day, you can lose a kilo in 14 days without controlling your diet.

So, the exercise reduce weight to cooperate reasonable diet, reducing weight effect is better.


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