Wash the exhaust fan and range hood regularly

We believe that many people have a trouble: They love to cook, but it will produce a lot of oily dirties! it is a big trouble, This is some Kitchen cleanup tips:


First, Pre-use preparation

Wash the exhaust fan and range hood regularly

1. just buy home the hood before use, first in the oil storage box sprinkled with a thin layer of soap powder, and then injected about one-third of the water, so that the oil recovered on the floating water, Rather than tightly clinging to the wall of the box.

2. Before opening, you can use a damp cloth dampened with a dishwashing detergent (do not watered) wipe the fuselage, the fan is also possible to wipe, and so naturally dry, to prevent fumes adhere to the " Detergent coating "to do a good job.


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