Range hood, also known as range hood, is a kitchen environment to clean the kitchen appliances. It is installed in the kitchen health energy-saving range hood stove above, can burn the stove burning and cooking process harmful to the human body smoke quickly evacuated, outdoors, reduce pollution, clean air, and anti-virus, explosion-proof security effect.

   The range hood has become an indispensable kitchen tool for modern families. However, no matter how good the equipment should always clean up, or else, the range hood will live. Today, fate and everyone to share the next range of hood cleaning a few tips.

Tools / Raw materials

Detergent , Rag , Water, Newspaper, Plastic wrap

Method / Step

1, Clean the range hood "anti" than "governance" important. Just as health problems are always "anti" than "governance" important, the best way to clean the hood is also a "anti" word. Buy a new hood in the former use, first in the two oil storage box sprinkled with a thin layer of soap powder, and then injected about one-third of the water, so that the oil recovered on the floating water, Rather than tightly condensed in the box wall, and so on the oil will be full, drained and then follow suit.

How does the hood of the hood prevent oil? Before the opening, we can use a damp cloth dampened with a dishwashing detergent (do not watered -) to wipe the fuselage, the leaves are also possible to rub, and so naturally dry, to prevent fumes adhere to the ' Detergent coating 'to do a good job. After a period of time, if the fuselage feels feels sticky, it is time to clean the fuselage. As the oil and the fuselage has been made between the "protective coating", therefore, with 80 ℃ hot water directly clean the fuselage, the oil will be washed down. After cleaning work, do not forget to paint again in the body, to paint a little thick, humidity control in the 'no drip' can, and then cover the key in the open film.

2, The range hood is the most important place in the kitchen. Weekday simple maintenance can save the trouble of cleaning up the year-end. After cooking the dishes, let the range hood continue to run for 30 seconds -1 minutes, leaving the residual fumes in the air and unburned complete carbon monoxide out of the house, reducing the chance of housewife lung cancer.

3, Taking advantage of the hood on the waste heat, with a rag to the surface slightly wipe it again, you can easily wipe the stains on the hood, often keep clean and not greasy.


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