40 minutes of aerobic exercise and 20 minutes of anaerobic exercise

lose weight? These are 3 tips you should know

Aerobic exercise, while burning fat and consuming protein, may cause muscle loss. If you want to be "smooth," you have to have an aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Exercise three to four times a week, preferably the next day, and don't focus your time together.

It's called aerobic exercise

Instead of walking for 40 minutes or even aerobic exercise, you have to reach the "exercise heart rate" if you want to burn fat.

Step 1: measure your own pulse for 1 minute at rest

Step 2: use the formula (220 - age) to measure maximum heart rate B

Step 3: exercise heart rate = (b-a) X0.6 ~ 0.8 + A


Stretch 5-10min before and after motion

Reasonable stretching increases the activity of the joints and reduces the risk of injury. When stretching, you must stretch to the muscles to feel slightly sore, but be careful not to strain the muscles.


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