What’s the harm of angry to the body? Life will inevitably encounter some of the things make us anger, especially the grumpy man, 1.Gas hurts a body greatly archaic person hands down this , you should laugh more everyday a bit , often get angry can make cerebrum thinking breaks through groovy activity , often make harum - scarum or ultra move , unusual action forms the abominable stimulation of pair of brain center again , rush on gas blood , still can bring about cerebral haemorrhage. How to throw away your bad temper ?

1, Impairment of liver

When we are angry, the body can secrete a substance that called "catecholamine", acting on the central nervous system, causes a rise in blood sugar, fatty acid decomposition to strengthen, The toxin in the blood and liver cells increased.

Health Tips:  Drink a glass of water when you angry, The water can promote the free fatty acid in the body, reduce the toxicity.


2, Pigmentation of the skin

When we are angry, exodus blood to the head, therefore the oxygen in the blood can reduce, increase toxin. And toxin stimulates the hair follicles, the degree of inflammation around hair follicles, and pigmentation of the skin problems.

Health Tips:  If you are angry, you can do deep breathing, hands out, to adjust the body state, it can toxins excreted.


3, Brain cells accelerated aging

A significant amount of blood poured on to the brain, will increase the pressure of cerebrovascular. At this moment the most toxins in the blood, oxygen, at least in brain cells as a dose of "poison".

Health Tips:  If you are angry, you can do deep breathing, hands out, to adjust the body state, it can toxins excreted.


4, Gastric ulcer

Angry will cause the sympathetic nervous excitement, and directly ACTS on the heart and blood vessels, reduce blood flow of gastrointestinal, peristalsis slow, poor appetite, serious when still can stomach ulcers.

Health Tips:  More than massage stomach, relieve discomfort


5, Myocardial ischemia

A significant amount of blood poured on to the brain and face, will reduce the supply of blood supply to the heart and cause myocardial hypoxia. Heart in order to meet the physical needs, had to double the work, so the heart is more irregular, but also more deadly.

Health Tips:  Keep smile and recall the pleasant things, can make the heart beating, the pace of recovery of blood flow tend to be more uniform.

6, Cause Hyperthyroidism

Angry will cause endocrine disorders, increase the secretion of thyroid hormone, over time, the cause of hyperthyroidism.

Health Tips:  Relaxing to sit down, close your eyes, do deep inspiration.


7, Impairment of the lung

Emotional impulse, shortness of breath will, appear even the phenomenon of hyperventilation. Alveolar expansion, have no time to shrink, also won't get proper relaxation and rest, so as to endanger the health of lung.

Health Tips: Dedicated, deep and slow breathing, 5 times to alveolar rest.


8, Damage the immune system

When angry, the brain creates a command body transformed by cholesterol cortical sterols. If the substance in the body accumulation is overmuch, can block the action of immune cells, let the body pearl drop resistance.

Health Tips: He did good, try to calm state of mind.


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