Kitchen is the focus of family health, but also engage in hygienic headaches. Here is a brief introduction to clean up the method.

Tools and Raw materials

Bottles, water, washing powder, eggshell, toilet paper and other commonly used items


Methods & procedures

1, Clean up the kitchen.

Find a mineral water bottle, fill in 3/4 water, (use bottle cap as a measuring device) pour detergent powder 1, white vinegar 2 cover, alcohol 3 cover, tighten the bottle lid shake evenly. Then apply the right amount to the cooker, wipe with a cloth.

You can use this method to wipe the dirty floor.

2, Clean up the lampblack machine.

Find a soft plastic bottle (squeeze) and use a needle to cover more than 10 holes. Then, fill in the right amount of cleanser and shake evenly with warm water. Then start the lampblack machine, spray the cleaning fluid with the plastic bottle, and let the oil and dirty water flow into the reservoir until the water is cleared. Finally use the dishcloth to wipe the mouth, the case, the lampshade, etc.
Clean up the lampblack machine

If you haven't cleaned up for years, find a professional.

3, Clear the smell of the refrigerator.

Will usually use the roll of toilet paper into the refrigerator storage room, let it slowly adsorption odor. Generally change once a month. Replace the waste paper can be used to wipe the floor and so on              


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