We believe that many people have a trouble: They love to cook, but it will produce a lot of oily dirties! it is a big trouble, This is some Kitchen cleanup tips:

Clean Kitchen Sink

|Clean Kitchen Sink

1. Wear rubber gloves and drop the amount of detergent into the dishwashing tank.

2. Do not add water, with a clean cloth to wash the corner of the corner are rubbed carefully, waiting for a moment, so the oil was fully emulsified;

3. Rinse the dish with water and rinse with a scouring pad.

4. After the water will be completely washed after the bubble can be.


1. A small cup of baking soda into the drain, and then rinse with water to deodorant;

2. If the drain is not only stinky and blocked, a cup of baking soda after the fall into the hot hot water can solve the problem of congestion.



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